Oneplus7 Install Twrp and Magisk

1. Background recently I bought a oneplus 7, and upgrade to the lastest ColorOS 12, which Android version is 12. But it can not be unlocked. it shows errors like below: fastboot oem unlock Device cannot be unlocked due to technical reason After Google for a while, I decided to choose the 9008 method. 2. 9008 flash 2.1 download the oneplus7 unbrick rom 9008线刷救砖包氢OS 2.2 install qpst tool download link...

July 23, 2023 · 1 min · 208 words · sarace

Cross Compile aarch64 linux kernel on Apple M1 chip

1. get linux kernel source wget 2. install dependency packages brew install openssl 3. compile and fix compile errors compile choose using llvm toolchain to build. # install llvm if you don't have it brew install llvm ref:Building Linux with Clang/LLVM make ARCH=arm64 LLVM=1 menuconfig GNU Make >= 3.82 is required install make, and use gmake to compile brew install make # generate .config gmake ARCH=arm64 LLVM=1 menuconfig # compile gmake ARCH=arm64 LLVM=1 -j`nproc --all` <elf....

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Hello World

Hello World

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